About Us

Nottingham Vegan Market is run by Adrian Bhagat, owner of The V Spot vegan supermarket, who has been vegan since 1994.

Everything sold or promoted at the market is suitable for vegans according to The Vegan Society definition, so vegan customers can enjoy a relaxed shopping and dining experience without having to worry about checking every product.

We are licensed as a private commercial market with Nottingham City Council.

Our Aims & Values

Nottingham Vegan Market aims to:

  • Spark interest in veganism and encourage the adoption of a vegan lifestyle that is kinder to animals and better for the environment
  • Provide access to a wide variety of vegan products
  • Encourage the generation of new vegan businesses by providing an affordable, low commitment trading opportunity for vegan entrepreneurs
  • Promote the growth of vegan businesses by providing trading opportunities
  • Provide ethical work opportunities for the local vegan community.
  • Give the community in Nottingham and beyond a chance for an enjoyable day out
  • Help create a friendly and supportive vegan community
  • Promote Nottingham as a shopping destination and bring customers to local businesses